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It's Time to Give the Man a Break

Chuck has been working hard at making Lifewerks what it is since it's inception in 1996. In that time, we've mentored hundreds of students, offered classes, camps, seminars and concerts, fed thousands and even shoveled dirt. Today we gratefully have the help of seven PSC Bonner students from Widener University to help us, but they will tell you that even they aren't enough to do all that we do currently, and certainly not enough to reach our dreams to do more. However, this will be our best year ever for growth in our offerings, and we are making plans to expand even more in the coming years.

Next week Chuck meets with his surgeon and we will know shortly when he will be having surgery. The average recovery time for this surgery is six weeks. His prognosis is good, and he's passed all the tests with flying colors. We ask for your prayers for his surgery, and those who care for him (including his poor wife - he's an average guy when it comes to being sick.) And for his recovery he's going to need to rest and he's not good at that. People who run nonprofits don't get sick days. So pray that his financial needs are met, as well. Meanwhile, let's all band together to get the job done while he's out, and even move things forward. Helping his vision expand will be the best gift you can give him.

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