Lifewerks, Inc ~ Hope through Imagination and Mobilization.

Our mission is to mobilize young people to serve their world, and to empower others to do the same. 

Lifewerks core values can be summed up through the acronym H.I.M. ~

HOPE ~ Lifewerks' number one focus is to give people the necessary tools to have Hope. Hope for many is only a dream. Without hope people live in a state of despair, which is the root cause of poverty. If you take away a person's hope, you can guarantee their poverty. In contrast, if you can give a person hope, you can help them find success. We seek to extend hope by meeting people at their need, whether it's food, knowledge or personal, so that they know they matter, that they have value and that there is a brighter tomorrow.

IMAGINATION ~ At Lifewerks we understand that there are two sides of imagination. A healthy imagination sees the possibilities which lead toward creative and logical thinking followed by positive action. An imagination influenced by lack of hope sees a negative view of self and situations leading to destructive behavior. Either viewpoint can be passed on to the next generation, and often is. We seek to serve people so that they see themselves with value and resources, thus helping to establish hope with a strategy for the future. Our goal isn't just to give assistance in times of crisis, but to help people imagine themselves into a brighter future. Imagination can be a blessing when people know someone cares!

MOBILIZATION ~ Lifewerks and our community outreach projects are a conduit for people to learn to serve their world. We help people to develop skills that will transform communities for good. We emphasize the importance of paying it forward, with those we mentor and also those we serve. We know the value of the law of giving and return and want to make sure everyone we touch finds the joy of giving. 

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