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How to Help:

Lifewerks started because we saw a need and had the ability to meet that need. We appreciate that so many people have asked at this time how they can help - it shows that you also are seeing needs that you can meet. 

If you want to help, we would love to hear from you. Simply contact us on the contact form and let us know what you would be willing to do. Volunteers are needed to pick up food donations, help unload our van and deliveries that come by truck, help fill orders during pantry hours, restock shelves and fridges and freezers, and find funding and food. (Any grant writers out there with time on their hands?)

Volunteer, Mentor, Donate . . . pay forward!

Everyone wins when the people being helped turn into helpers. That's our goal at Lifewerks - people paying forward.


We are open during this crisis, as food pantries are considered vital and essential businesses.

We have experienced an increase in government donations and volunteers. We have more than enough food to give out. Please don't hesitate to come if you are struggling during this time.

If you would be willing to make donation pick-ups or help unload donation vehicles arriving at the pantry, please contact us.

Our pantry hours are:

Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 PM

The entrance is on Walnut Street - Use the red doors at the top of the stairs.


Due to the virus, the following measures are being taken to protect both you and us:


  • We ask that you not come if you have any symptoms of a cold or flu.

  • Do not bring your family. One person is all that is needed to pick up food. 

  • Hand sanitizer is available at the sign-in table.

  • We are cleaning all surfaces that are commonly touched before and after the pantry opens and at the half-way point.

Updated Policies and Procedures:

  • We ask that you keep social distances of six feet from every other person, even in the parking lot.

  • We may change the way we give out food depending on demand. Most pantries give a box of food out with no choices. We have always tried to give our clients choices. We are using currently using a shopping list method, so make sure to sign up here on the website to be included.

  • You will get one small box of food staples in addition to what you request from your list.

  • Declaration of Need forms are now in effect. It is not required to sign the form to receive foods, but if you don't sign, you will not be eligible for most meats and dairy, which are supplied by the government. We do however, have more fruits and vegetables than most pantries.

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Mail to:

Lifewerks, Inc.

11 Ridge Blvd, #366

Brookhaven, PA 19015

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