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Make a Difference!

How to Help:

Lifewerks started because we saw a need and had the ability to meet that need. We appreciate that so many people have asked how they can help - it shows that you are seeing needs that you can meet, too. 

If you would be willing to volunteer, please contact us using the contact form.

Volunteers are needed to:

  • Pick up food donations

  • Unload Deliveries

  • Fill orders during pantry hours

  • Restock shelves, fridges and freezers

  • Find funding and food

  • Find grants

  • Do inventory and ordering

Volunteer, Mentor, Donate . . . pay forward!

Everyone wins when the people being helped turn into helpers. That's our goal at Lifewerks - people paying forward.

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Bring Food Donations to:

28 Walnut Road

Wallingford, PA


Donation Hours: 

Mondays 11-4

Tuesdays 5-6, 6:45-8:00

Or by appointment: - Contact Joy

through the contact form.

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