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Our pantry hours are:

Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 PM


The Address is:

28 Walnut Road (corner of Blakely & Walnut for GPS)

Wallingford, PA 19086
The entrance is on Walnut Street - Use the red doors at the top of the stairs.

The address for Cedar Road is for handicapped entrance to our sanctuary for Sunday services.

What you need:

For every visit: A form of identification with your name and current address. This can be a driver's license, current utility bill or similar. 
If this is your first time:

You will fill out two forms (optional, each with benefits) Declaration of Need forms are in effect. (See chart for gross income level for the number of people in your household.) It is not required to sign the form to receive foods, but if you don't sign, you will not be eligible for most meats and dairy, which are supplied by the government. The second form is to help meet any other needs you may have and to sign up for our shopping list.

What to expect: 

After you sign in and get your pick-up number, you will fill in and THEN submit your shopping list at the far side of the room. Then you may go through the cooler and baked goods/misc. produce lines. You will then either wait in the room or in the parking lot for your number to be called. Please make sure to give your number back to the person who delivers your food. The wait time from the time you turn in your list and when you get your food is about 15-20 minutes. How long you wait in the line to sign in depends on when you come. There is no benefit to standing in line early, as we put food out in the cooler/baked goods lines throughout the night to make it fair for all. 

To protect against viruses:


  • We ask that you not come if you have any symptoms of a cold or flu.

  • Do not bring your family. One person is all that is needed to pick up food. 

  • Hand sanitizer is available at the sign-in table.

  • We are cleaning all surfaces that are commonly touched before and after the pantry opens.

Updated Policies and Procedures:

  • We may change the way we give out food depending on demand. Most pantries give a box of food out with no choices. We have always tried to give our clients choices. We are currently using a shopping list method.

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