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Garden Journals
garden journal

The original garden journal is one of the most complete garden journals on the market. Based on years of experience and research, with the added twist of whimsical illustrations to make garden journaling fun. Even the most advanced Master Gardeners find this journal useful. 

UG 12 MB

For the newbie and the gardener who knows they have more to learn.

The same basic forms as the journal above, but with more gardening information as well as explanations about how to use those forms.

See either book for a list of the forms included in each. 

Garden Diary FB cover.jpg

The garden diary is just that - lined pages for keeping an ongoing record, along with graph and plotting pages for laying out your garden beds. 


All three books contain many helpful pages of information, formulas and charts.  

Undated DIY SP.jpg
Undated 8-1/2 x 11"
Small DIY FB cover.jpg
Undated 7-1/2 x 9-1/4"
It's only one Semester Student Planners

These are what they say ... planners for only one semester. Why? Because it makes no sense for planners to cover a full year when the classes change every semester. Intensely designed to cover class requirements like exams, labs, projects, etc. with extra doodling, graph and lined sections so you can creatively plan and plot your future. Calendars and scheduling pages of course. 


Click on images to go to Amazon. Don't forget students registered on Amazon get free 2 day shipping and discounts!

* A note on the opening paragraph*

The founders are Chuck and Joy Kieffer. These journals contribute to their ability to volunteer their time to the work of Lifewerks. The links here go directly to Amazon, and the royalty they generate is paid to Joy's publishing company. Publishing is a way to generate income that doesn't require a huge investment of time. Time that can be better spent doing the works of Lifewerks.

The only renumeration they receive from Lifewerks is when a donor specifically designates an amount for their personal use. In that case, they personally pay taxes themselves for that donation, which is reported as 1099 income. You will see that reflected on the nonprofit 990's viewable on About Us>Public Documents.


The publications below were made to help support the founders* of Lifewerks and the work that goes on here. We (the founders) volunteer our time just like everyone else who serves with us. By supporting us through your purchase of the planners here, you will enable us to expand our time to do the work, and the funds to make purchases for Lifewerks as well.     


                                          (Click on images to go to the Amazon page for each book.)

(Or see Joy in person at our food pantry location if you're local.)

Teachers and Garden Clubs, etc: If you would like to purchase any of these in bulk, please contact us using the button below. We both win . . . you get better prices, and we get a slightly higher profit. 


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