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by Joy Kieffer


Below you will find a list of sites, many for free, which will satisfy your curiosity, be educational beyond a Google search, and in some cases, provide certificates or college credits.

None are linked, so copy and paste the link titles below. Dead links kill a websites chances of being found in search engines. Please let me know through the contact form if any of these become inaccessible. 

Udemy - began with math and science, and branched out into a huge variety of courses.


Coursera - a global online learning platform that offers access to online courses from a large variety of providers, many from universities.

Class Central - another source for courses (with certificates) that are free:


Grow with Google - online IT courses. $39 per month for certificate programs. Financial aid is available.


Oxford Home Study - a good variety of classes that include a wide variety of practical career applications that aren’t all technology focused. - Over 4,000 free courses for career and personal development, not accredited but respected by employers.


Stanford University free courses:


Free Harvard University courses:

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