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2 Small Boys + One Average Yard Sale = One Large Donation

Bennett and Andrew are Boy Scouts who came up with an idea all on their own. They knew that their scout troop collects food for area pantries in the fall, prior to Thanksgiving. When their neighborhood decided to have a yard sale, they asked if they could donate the proceeds to our food pantry, which shares the building where their troop meets. They convinced their mom and neighbors to participate, and they also took care of organizing and passing the word to shoppers that the proceeds were going to a good cause. But that wasn't enough for these boys--they also wanted to shop for the groceries. So, for this time at least, they were the ones leading the way through the grocery store isles, carefully choosing the things they thought families might need. And I must say, they did a great job. Such variety! And the bags kept coming in the door . . . . What these boys did will fill in the gaps in what we have to offer and will help us make it through until the year-end donations start to fill our shelves again. They gave their mom and neighbors a reason to be proud and our volunteers here a huge boost of moral! The Lifewerks Giving Garden food pantry shouts out a huge thank you to Bennett and Andrew!

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