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Nether Providence Family Fun Day

Above, Joy Kieffer, Angela Miele, Dan and Patti Daly

We want to thank Nether Providence for promoting our need for donations! Several people who work for the township made this possible, starting with Kaitlin McKensie, Mona Price, Maureen Feyas, Dave Grady and probably more. In addition to allowing us to set up a table to let the community know we are here, they have communicated with people in the wards through individual ward newsletters.

We held a raffle to encourage people to find out about us and hopefully donate foods and those many things it takes to keep a food pantry stocked and functional.

We were able to collect about 80 pounds of food and about the same in dollar donations. But we also connected with a few people who also want to do fund-raisers, and that is what we were hoping for the most. It's all about getting the word out about the need for support, and the building up of our community.

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