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Canned Soup for the Soul

What comes to mind when you enjoy soup?

Do you think of soup as a luxury?

What is your favorite time to enjoy a mug of soup, and where are you?

As we enter the cooler days of Autumn the first thing that comes to mind is cuddling up on the sofa with that perfectly broken-in cozy sweatshirt, nestled in a favorite plush blanket, but most importantly, cutting the chill with a warm, over-sized mug of SOUP!

The sad reality is, Lifewerks Food Pantry is running extremely LOW on canned soup! Starting IMMEDIATELY (with no end in sight) we would LOVE to collect this little Luxury so we can help provide our families with arguably the #1 comfort food of the season!

Think about it ~ What do you want when you're stressed? Comfort food. If anyone is stressed, it is the families who come to our food pantry. A quick meal solution can be just the thing to keep someone going, and is a quick and simple solution for kids.

Please consider dropping off canned soup to our food pantry; Like the Campbells Soup Company commercial said, “Nothing melts away the cold like a delicious hot bowl of [Campbells] soup”.

And, ironically, the only soup we don't need right now is chicken noodle soup. It's the only one we can get for free from the government in September.

Collection times:

Mondays 11A-3P

Tuesdays 5p-6p or 7p-8p

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