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Fall 2012

As you can see, we had a very productive summer, especially when it comes to tomatoes! Our beds were filled and amended with the best soil imaginable thanks to the knowledge of our neighbor (lovingly called Farmer John,) and the tomatoes would have grown to six feet if we had not continually cut them back. We were able to provide fresh produce all summer long to the recipients of our food pantry.

Our garden gate was installed by a visiting mission team from Ohio. As soon as we have funds, we fervently hope to get perimeter fencing installed to keep out the neighborhood pets--a real necessity when it comes to providing healthy and uncontaminated vegetables.

We have plans to build a small tool shed so that volunteer gardeners have handy access to garden tools, and our rainwater system is still in the hoped-for stage. If anyone out there in internet land has the information on where to get the parts we need to make our barrels usable, please contact us.

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