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Local Kids Hold Bake Sale to Support our Food Pantry

Emily Carroll with her kids Edie (6), Anna (5), and Ian (3) and Elizabeth Morgan with her son Graham Bovard (6).

What difference can one family make?

What difference can one neighborhood make?

One family quickly became two families of kids making baked goods to raise money and awareness of the needs of the Lifewerks Food Pantry. They contacted their neighbors by handing out fliers house to house, letting them know the day the sale would take place, and the price of the baked goods on offer. They priced the items high, because it was for a good cause, and also collected donations on the day of the event. In the two days before the sale, they baked like crazy.

Graham (the artist who drew the sign) proudly handed a check for $279 to the food pantry director. Between the time the children were posed, with three of them holding the check, and the time the camera button was pushed, the check and the kids rearranged themselves significantly. You can see the result. Anyone trying to take a group photo of children can relate!

From Elizabeth:

"This came about because we heard from the Fourth Ward Commissioner (Kaitlin McKensie) that Lifewerks needed supplies and we wanted to do our part. The kids baked four things (with the help of my older son Thomas too!)"

We at Lifewerks want to thank you Elizabeth, for such a great idea, and the work you and Emily and your children put into making it happen! It is a creative way to get kids personally involved in the heart of volunteer work. Teaching children to be givers is such a vital element for the good of society in the future!

Thank you Kaitlin McKensie for getting the word out!

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