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The pantry will be closed on Tuesday. Please pass the word!

The storm warning has been extended to Tuesday at 4:00 PM. All of our deliveries have been either canceled or delayed. WE WILL BE CLOSED ON TUESDAY.

WE PLAN TO BE OPEN THURSDAY. Next Tuesday there may be another snow/ice storm, so we want to attempt to give you a chance to stock up during the small window of sunshine between the storms.

We will not have any produce other than what we currently have in stock. I believe that is potatoes, onions, cauliflower and oranges. Both our Whole Foods and Philabundance deliveries have been cancelled this week. However, if our Thursday delivery comes as planned, we will have milk, eggs, cheeses, yogurt and meats. NO TABLES/COOLERS UPSTAIRS - bring reading material! PREPARE YOURSELVES:

  • Remember that you have those MRE's we gave out all summer. They provide a hot meal with no source of heat in the packet. Read the directions thoroughly. You can burn yourself if you don't - they get that hot.

  • Flashlights in known locations

  • Candles in tall containers for safety and extra warmth

  • Frozen water containers in freezer ready to place in fridge - a couple of layers of blankets wrapped around your fridge will extend the length of time it stays cold substantially

  • If you don't have a full basement, protect your pipes by turning on your faucets to drip

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