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Pantry Hours & Procedures Update

We are open from 6-8 PM on Tuesdays only for the foreseeable future. We've needed to give our volunteers a break. Clients had already switched to Tuesdays which usually happens in the summer. People want to have their weekend open for family and friends. We like that idea. When you come in, you will be asked to sign a Declaration of Need form. This is not required, but it does mean you will be able to get the government issued meat, dairy and some basic staples. Most of our fresh fruits and vegetables come from non-government sources, so you can eat healthy either way. If you sign the form, it asks for your income and family size. You will circle the line indicating your family size. The income level is simply the poverty level as listed by the government for that family size. These numbers aren't checked up on, so no fear. It's something used to determine how much food each pantry receives. When you sign up, you increase the amount of food we have available. We are still asking that you wear a mask when in the building, and use hand sanitizer before picking up your shopping list. Sterilized pens are in a cup, and when you are finished, there is a cup for the used pens. (Although - We just got in a box of Giving Garden pens, so I expect that you'll be handed a brand new pen when you come in to keep.) Bring it back next time to use, or give it away to someone who needs us.

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