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The Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts Do it Again!

1,239 Pounds of Food were Collected on November 20th by Cub Scout Pack 145 and Boy Scout Troop 272!

The annual Cub Scout/Boy Scout drive might just be our favorite food drive of the year, every year. It is certainly the most fun to see in action. These guys work hard! Food is heavy stuff, and that much in one day, carried from porches to cars and then from cars into the building ~ it's a lot of lifting!

But, the Scouts were not even close to lagging in energy. In fact, the dads had to tell them to calm down more than once as they competed to get the jobs done using their own initiative. That alone speaks volumes about the terrific value of the Scouts and especially the leaders and dads involved in the boy's lives. These kids are self-starters and not only that, but finishers as well. And we all know the value of finishing well. Not only did they collect the food that was donated, but they also sorted it into flats by category, then carried it down the stairs to the pantry and put it on shelves.

Our own volunteers have been working so hard in recent months that it was a huge relief that these young muscle-men took on so much work (along with their great dads and leaders, and a few siblings, and one very cold mom.) Did I mention that it was the first really cold day of fall? They did the work that is usually done by a very mixed group our volunteers, consisting of men and women, young and old, and they had energy to spare at the end of the day. And they did it in record time! In past years it has taken us three days to sort and shelve their donation. So they went above and beyond this year, at a time when we needed it the most.

We depend on this food drive every year, and Pack 145 and Troop 272 never lets us down! Thank you guys!

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